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Video Poker Online

Playing video poker online has only been available for the last 25 years or so. Before that you had to drive or fly to the nearest casino in order to play your favorite games.

That is not to say that playing video poker online is without road bumps. If all you want to do is play for free, there are loads of places where you can do that. But if you are used to playing for cash, I recommend staying with your favorite local casino instead of venturing online.

The reasons for this are many, but the biggest one for me is that in some areas it is against the law to play video poker online. Additionally, none of the places on the Internet to play for real money are located in the US, and most of them are headquartered in a non-major country.

I know plenty of people who do play, but if you decide to do so, find an established place to do so and be careful. Visit a few forums where players can list and talk about any questionable activities by any online operator you are considering using. Most web sites that talk about online casinos recommend the ones who pay them the most for the advertising. That is why all the reviews are glowing saying how wonderful each gambling site is. Don't belive that b.s.

And that is why I recommend finding a place where actual players are talking. That way you can read the good and the bad, not just a biased review. Social gambling websites like GambleRock Casino have benefited from the social gaming movement and you can now play all the top web games 100% free. has free deuces wild and free jacks or better online video poker games. Top it off with a 1,000 coin starting balance of pure fun play coins. 

Is playing video poker online just like playing at a casino? In my opinion it is not even close. The sounds, sites and people roaming around a live casino are almost as much a part as the actual game. Plus you can get free drinks in the casino. Playing at an online casino has a few advantages, like not having to actually leave your house to play, no money wasted on tips and parking, and no worries about obnoxious people bothering you (unless the telemarketers are still calling.)

Probably the biggest advantage to playing online is the availability of top paying machines. Pick'em Poker at 99.95% and 9/6 Jacks or Better at 99.5% are available, while it is almost impossible to find these payouts in live casinos any more.

As I discussed in greater depth on the free video poker page, you can play video poker online for free when you are looking for somewhere to practice your Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild strategy, or if you just want to sit down at home and enjoy a quick game. (I mention Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild because they are the most popular video poker games. Most online casinos have a wide range of gamble games, not just these two.)

So, is video poker online for you? That is of course up to each individual player, but I only play for free on the Internet, and practice my strategy play. When I want to play for real money, I still play at my favorite casinos on land.



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