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Jean Scott Video Poker Author

Jean Scott is probably most famous for her 1998 book The Frugal Gambler. Jean has written several other books as well including More Frugal Gambling, Frugal Video poker and Tax Help for Gamblers. Jean Scott has made numerous television appearances on news shows and the travel channel.

The Frugal Gambler
The Frugal Gambler was written by Jean to help entry level and experienced gamblers alike to find the best discounts and comps at the casinos. Studying her techniques has allowed countless players to earn more money and enjoy their casino experiences. The Frugal Gambler was so popular a second edition was written to update readers on changes in the casino industry. Included in these changes are a revised video poker section, discussion on slots club memberships and the pros and cons of them, and examples of casino promotions, and how to find them.

More Frugal Gambling
The book More Frugal Gambling was written and provided even more information than The Frugal Gambler. This book covered the casino game, using slots clubs, how to find promotions, using hosts, the use of coupons, and money tips.

Frugal Video Poker
Frugal Video Poker is probably one of the most detailed books about playing and winning at video poker. It covers the ever important use of paytables, teaching you what to look for and how to use them. This book teaches the basics of video poker and how to determine good or bad paytables and strategies to use them. Also covered in the book are the new games, promotions, tournaments, progressives, and other game choices.

Tax Help for Gamblers
Tax Help for Gamblers has something to offer all gamblers whether recreational, or professional, no matter what games they play, if its a land based game or online version or portable games. Tax Help goes into the subjects, and gray areas of taxes, the areas of record keeping, tax codes, audits, additional tax issues which are often left to interpretation are included as well as sample tax forms.

Gambling Videos
Jean Scott has also made gambling videos, Jean has a high television profile, she has appeared on many shows including the travel channel, hard copy,48 hours, dateline, extra and more. The retired school teacher has also used blogs to put out her information. Her experience in gambling, her techniques and information have helped many gamblers improve their skills. © 2019 | Site Map
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