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Video Poker Hand Ranking

Though video poker doesn't have a great deal to do with regular poker like we now know it (like Texas holdem or Seven Card Stud), it is helpful to understand what each hand is and where it ranks in comparison to the other hands. I feel that I should mention though, that all the current video poker machines that I am familiar with have the payout charts listed right on the screen, which will give you a good idea what hands are better than the others.Here is a list with examples of video poker hand rankings. These are listed from best to worst hand. Each hand may not be possible in every form of video poker. For example, five of a kind is not possible in a game with no wild cards, like Jacks or Better.

5 of a kind (All 5 cards the same rank. Requires a wild card)
Example of a 5 of a kind:
Queen of clubs, Queen of hearts, Queen of spades, Queen of diamonds and a wild card

Royal flush (An Ace high straight flush)
Example of a royal flush:
Ace of clubs, King of clubs, Queen of clubs, Jack of clubs, Ten of clubs
Straight flush (A straight that is also a flush)
Example of a straight flush:
Seven of clubs, Six of clubs, Five or clubs, Four of clubs, Three of clubs

4 of a kind (All 4 cards are the same rank)
Example of 4 of a kind:
Jack of clubs, Jack of hearts, Jack or spades, Jack of diamonds

Full house (3 of a kind and another pair)
Example of a full house:
King of clubs, King of hearts, King of spades, Jack of diamonds, Jack of clubs

Flush (All 5 cards the same suit)
Example of a flush:
King of clubs, Jack of clubs, Seven of clubs, Five of clubs, Four of clubs

Straight (5 cards in a row)
Example of a straight:
Nine of clubs, Eight of diamonds, Seven of clubs, Six of hearts, Five of spades

3 of a kind (3 cards of the same rank)
Example of 3 of a kind:
Seven of clubs, Seven of hearts, Seven of diamonds

2 pair (2 cards of the same rank and 2 other cards of the same rank)
Example of 2 pair:
Ten of clubs, Ten of diamonds, Eight of spades, Eight of clubs

1 pair (2 cards of the same rank)
Example of 1 pair:
Ace of clubs, Ace of spades

(Please note that many machine either do not pay out for one pair hands, or require the pair to be of a certain rank or higher to pay out. For example, Jacks or Better only pays on pairs of Jacks and higher. Please look at the pay table before playing any video poker machine.) © 2019 | Site Map
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