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Bonus Video Poker

Bonus Poker is a spin off of Jacks or Better, with a higher than normal payout for four of a kind. There are several variations of bonus poker, however in bonus poker there are no wild cards used.

There is Double Bonus video poker which is also similar to Jacks or Better. The four of a kind hands, especially the four aces hand, pays a larger percentage than in Jacks or Better. The Double Bonus video poker pays more for two pair than Jacks or Better. The 10/7/5 version of double Bonus Poker has a return average of over 100%.

Following suit is Double Double Bonus video poker. This game rewards players for paired hands and is played the same as Double Bonus Video Poker.

The payout tables for the bonus games are attractive and is often offered in the 8/5 version, meaning that it pays out 8 for 1 on a full house and 5 for 1 on a flush.

The Double Bonus poker is often offered in a 10/7/5 table but can often take other forms such as a 9/7/5 version, which offers a 99.106% return. The 9/6/5 table offers a payout of 97.80% return. The payout table for a 9/6/4 table pays at a 96.37% and the 9/5/4 paytable offers a 95.27% return.

The Double Double Bonus Poker machine offers it own paytables.The10/6 paytable has a 10 for 1 pay on the full house and a 6 for 1 on a flush. There is a 10/7 double double bonus poker that pays 10 for 1 on a full house and 7 for 1 on a flush. the 40/10/6 version of Double Double Bonus Poker which pays 40 for 1 to a straight flush,10 for 1 to a full house and 6 to one to a flush. The paytables show the combinations, probability and returns of the Bonus Video Poker game. Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker and The Double Double Bonus Poker game are all different and may require slightly different strategies. I have a page dedicated to Bonus Poker strategy to help you play better. © 2019 | Site Map
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