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Bob Dancer Video Poker Author

Bob Dancer is one of the most famous and best known video poker players and writers in the country. When his name is mentioned it is often recognized by most gamblers in the industry. Bob got his start in the industry in 1994 starting with a $6000.00 bank roll. He went spent 6 years working his way to winning well over a million dollars, and had a six month period where he won over one million dollars. Bob Dancer actually got his start playing back gammon and black jack. It was there that he started developing and building his gambling skills.

Million Dollar video Poker
In his book Million Dollar Video Poker, Bob Dancer recounts his experiences during the six years he was a full time video poker player, during which he won over a million dollars in six months. He talks about the ups and downs during that time, and also about the lessons and experiences that he learned. Bob explains how to beat the games drawing from his experiences and skill.

Win Poker
Bob Dancer is also responsible for the very popular software winpoker. Winpoker is a poker training software designed by Bob that helps people perfect their poker playing ability. It can play nearly any video poker game or let you create your own games. It comes with 16 variations already set up and the payout tables can be customized to fit your needs. The program automatically calculates the optimum strategy. The program offers different playing modes to allow players to focus on areas they need to improve on such as playing difficult hands. It also keeps statistics to track your plays, and shows how many mistakes were made, and what they were and the cost. It can even analyze a particular hand giving statistics.

Video Poker for Winners
Bob Dancer is also responsible for Video Poker for Winners. It can be used as a game or a training aid allowing the user to work on strategies, focus on weak areas of their game. It allows for calculation of bank rolls and paybacks. It allows the user to play video poker games at home and practice for the casinos. It also offers the video introductions and help from Bob Dancer.

Winners Guide to Jacks or Better
The Winners Guide to Jacks or Better was written by Bob Dancer and Liam w. Daily. It is the most in depth discussion of playing correct strategy on Jacks or Better that I have ever seen. If you want to be the best Jacks or Better player possible, this book is the only one you will need.

Bob Dancer is also a 2004 Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Bob Dancer is still a highly visible figure as he still contributes to several gambling magazines. He is a columnist for Casino Player, Las Vegas Review Journal, Casino Games, Strictly Slots and Midwest Gaming and Travel. He works as a consultant and also markets his strategy guides and laminated strategy cards. © 2019 | Site Map
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